As time constrained, there are always things this series of lessons cannot cover and things that may not fit everyone's taste in class. We provide a followup project opportunity so that our workshop participants can work closely with one or two menters and learn more from practice for their own needs. All instructors of this workshop series can provide technical supports on topics that are related to the content covered in the class and extended techniques on testing, documentations and programmings to the participants over time. Many CQuIC senior students have also generously accepted our invitations to provide research-related mentorships and guidance for each participant to finish up a basic followup project. In principle, the followup project are encouraged to be hosted on CQuIC@GitHub organizational repos (either private or public), and should fit into the research interests of both participating student and the mentor(s). There are basically two approaches to do the peer review process: one is to fork the upstreaming repository under the CQuIC@Github organizational account to your own Github account, and commit your code under your forked remote repository, then do a Pull Request to the upstreaming repository once your code block is enough for a peer-review so that your mentor and peers can review, approve and merge your code block to the upstreaming repository; alternatively, you discuss with your mentor and technical supportor to decide how you would like to review your code internally or with peers and then do it in a flexible way. This followup project opportunity is completely voluntary and open to CQuIC students in all levels. There is no time limit in completing the project nor third-party evaluations. But all projects should be programming-based and are encouraged to pass peer reviews by at least one reviewer before the codes are merged to the repo. Anyone can be a code reviewer with or without the invitation of project participants. If you would like to try your hands on doing a followup project, please don't hesitate to contact a mentor and ask one organizor of this workshop to set up a repo for you to take off.

List of senior students who have accepted to be a mentor with their experties and planned mentees (mentors and project topics don't have to be from this list, and of course, one can be self-guided):

  1. Adrian Chapman: Matrix Product States with object-oriented programming in Python (will work with Qi, with opennings also available to other CQuIC students).
  2. Ciaran: quantum error correction (repo may not be seen in public per the lab policy).
  3. Ezad: quantum control (working with Anupam and Qi).
  4. Gopi: quantum chaos and some quantum simulation topics (working with Karthik).
  5. Qi: quantum measurements, stochastic processes and JuliaQuantum related projects (may work with Arizona group on their lab code base and may not in a public repo).
  6. Travis: control and data processing (may work with Nate).
  7. Jonathan: quantum tomography with QInfer, working with Ninnat

Confirmed projects open for peer-reviews (feel free to add your own project in a Pull Request to this repo on the gh-pages branch, and feel free to Watch this repository to receive PR notifications):

  1. Anupam: Quantum control for Rydberg atoms. Repo: CQuIC/control (open to CQuIC@GitHub members for peer reviews starting from the July of 2017.). Anupam will push his codes as Pull Requests to the repo for peer reviews until he is ready for long-term developments following his own mind.
  2. Ninnat (Tom): Quantum tomography with QInfer (a repo to open once the plan is discussed with mentor).

For general technical supports, you can ask Qi in person or comment on the Things to Learn in the Followup Projects page.

Acknowledgements, by Qi:

These three lessons and followup projects of the workshop, for me, have been extraordinary. It was made extraordinary first by our amazing fellows that I have been working with. You may not know what kind of work was going on behind the scenes, how much time was spent into this work, how many mindful and heartful moments that have been put into to cultivate this relationship with you, all by our wonderful teaching crew that includes Travis, Jonathan and Anupam, as well as our mentors listed above and our humble advisors. I would like to invite you to join me to thank them, for the present and for who they are.

Besides, I would like to thank you--all the participants and readers to this end. Each and everyone of you is an entire world, a world in the making, in the making of your world, our world toward a better version. I hope, with the tools and knowledge you have learned from the class, in CQuIC or elsewhere, you can realize your true value of life with your families, your colleagues and people you may not know of in the future. As quoted from Ivan, "this community has been wonderful, beacause people are not threatening each other". I think there are enough good things to do to make life better by working with each other to create new opportunities and fix problems at the root.

As I am graduating, I would like to remind the younger students and to remind myself as well to pursue the things you really want to do in CQuIC and to find out what is really important to you--that may not be the grades or papers most people might have immediately targeted for when they joined CQuIC. In my perspective, if life is about reaching a goal as a straight line from point A to B, we all can die now as we eventually will. There are things in the process which will make a big difference for your life and for our lives. And we can always learn something new from each other and by trying new things as reality is the ultimate teacher for us.

Finally, I would like to thank our faculty members and our former students who have provided infinite supports to me and taught me the fundations hand by hand to reach this stage of being able to make some contributions in CQuIC. If you have time, take a look at the sheet titled as "Don't Forget Names" on the wall of our coffee room that has started by our former postdoc Josh Combes. Indeed, you are invited to update the formulas through the permenant Git repository and print out a new version every year to replace the old one. I hope there will be people in CQuIC to take care of the volunteering jobs of cleaning the coffee machine, running our CQuIC@Github organization, helping update our CQuIC website that have been started by CQuIC students, or as small as refilling the water tank if you are touched to be willing to make some contributions to CQuIC. Most importantly, pass along our culture that has been cultivated in CQuIC to a higher level in its future and to a broader community. In my perspective, that is the soul of us. Without it, we will quickly go back to narrow minds, randomness, chaos, resistence, a state of constantly fighting and degrading. Let it decay, or appreciate the good and strengthen our soul of beauty, as individuals and as an entity. Let me know if I can make further contributions along the line at any time.

Thank you!