The Center for Quantum Information and Control

Lead by: Carlton Caves, Ivan Deutsch, Poul Jessen

Who We Are

We are a community of researchers interested in understanding how physics informs computation. The topics we investigate are wide-ranging, but their common theme is to understand, characterize, and manipulate quantum systems for building new and innovative computers.

Currently, our center is hosted by the University of New Mexico and the University of Arizona.

Projects we are working on


Originally developed by Steve Flammia and Bryan Eastin in CQuIC, we have added this code to our GitHub repository. We would like to work to make qcircuit more easily useable, as well as updating the software for other TeX drawing packages.


A library for Bayesian inference via sequential Monte Carlo, useful for quantum parameter estimation.


A quantum toolbox in Python. Some CQuIC members use QuTiP in their researches, and participate the open-source development of the toolbox.


An open-source organization working on Julia libraries for quantum science and technology. Some of the creators of the JuliaQuantum organization are from CQuIC.


A community dedicated to merging the efforts among the classical and quantum information communities to advance upcoming information evolutions. Free online talks, news, study materials and open-source projects are promoted through the website and its Google+ community.